There have been a lot of requests from our customers about the ability to delete tasks from their team. It’s a topic that we have been wrestling with at teamfocus for a while with good arguments for and against. Eventually it was decided to go with the people who know their business requirements best. Our users.

So we’re happy to announce that our latest release includes the ability to allow users to permanently delete tasks from workflows.

The function has been added as part of teamfocus Permissions so team administrators can control who has access to this feature. A team administrator or any user who has access to Edit Workflows can switch on the delete tasks permission in the Permission settings for any workflow.


Once permission has been assigned, any user who now has that permission will have the option to “Move to Trash” in the task edit window.


The task will no longer appear in any searches however you can find all tasks marked for deletion by searching for in:trash in the search box.

Once this task has been marked for deletion it has 30 days before teamfocus does a daily sweep to remove any tasks flagged for deletion more than 30 days ago. If you can’t wait that long, we have also included an “Empty Trash” option in the “More” top-menu item. This option will permanently remove any deleted tasks immediately. Once tasks are permanently removed teamfocus has no way to recover them so it’s important to be sure when deleting tasks.

Finally, before being permanently deleted and inside the 30 day window, a task can be un-deleted from within the task edit window. This removes the delete flag and the task is returned to the workflow it was originally deleted from.

Thanks to our customers for all their feedback and making this important change happen.

More detailed instructions can be found in our manual which is available for download here..

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