GTD For Teams

Making GTD work for the whole team

GTD is such a fantastic tool for getting real work done that you want your whole team to use it.
With teamfocus, it’s easy.

Instead of Contexts, in teamfocus we call them Filters. Filters are just like saved searches, so you can have the same task on multiple Filters (or in multiple contexts).

For example, if you’re meant to return a phone call, your “at your desk” Filter can share the same task with your “in the car” Filter . You can easily make a “waiting for” Filter by creating a saved search “Filter”, by saving the search “created by me and assigned to someone else”.

Added Workflows

Another key feature of teamfocus is the ability to make each task go through a pre-defined workflow. This means that once you’ve finished with it, it can easily be moved on to the next person so they can do their part.

Imagine having the productivity of GTD and production lines together. Add to that teamfocus Metrics, which help you know how long tasks have been sitting idle, and you will have an adaptable team productivity solution like no other.

teamfocus makes Getting Things Done “GTD” easy for your whole team.

You can choose from any of our nine pre-defined Workflows when you start with your free team.