Metrics are all about time:

How long the Task is allowed to sit at a certain step, or

How long a Task is allowed to go unedited.

You can define these triggers or Metrics for each task.
“Edited” Metrics

Sometimes it’s not just the time that a Task has been on a Workflow that’s important.

A Task may be at a particular step such as waiting for a supplier, and you might need to know
how long it has been since the Task has been edited.

Each time you call the supplier to chase the parts, you update the Task to record the fact that
a call was made, and this will re-set the task to green.

Each step can be defined with the times required, and also if the Metric should be based on Edited or Moved.

“Moved” Metrics

The color of a Task is based on the time since it was moved to this step in the Workflow.

A step may have a green Metric for any Task that has been on that step for less than seven days.
It will turn amber between seven days and a month, and after that, it will be red.

Making new searches (Filters) from the Workflow View

When in the Workflow View, it’s easy to make a new Filter.

Just click a colored Metric icon (green, amber, red) then click the “Save Search” link below the main search box and enter in a name for the new Filter.

Click a colored Metric icon inside the step such as “Active”, and teamfocus makes a new search to show the Tasks that represents that part of the display.