Use Cases

Getting started with teamfocus…

With teamfocus being completely customizable, the many different ways it can benefit your work and personal lives is only limited by your imagination. Think of it as providing you with the toolkit to build whatever Workflow you need. To get you started, we have built nine pre-defined Workflows to choose from when you create your free account.

You can choose one of the Workflows below to get up and running quickly, and as you learn more about teamfocus you can always customize it to meet your specific needs.

To-Do Workflow – Whilst being simple in design, it’s very flexible in its uses. It’s great for the simple management of shared items that need a quick resolution, as you only need to move a task from ‘Active’ to ‘Complete’ once you’ve finished the task.

Help Desk Workflow – The Help Desk workflow provides you with the ability to operate and manage a complete Help Desk system.

Phone Message Workflow – The Phone Message workflow lets you manage the collection and flow of messages from either a central point such as reception, or from a team approach where team members can enter and assign phone messages to other team members.

Safety System Workflow – The Safety workflow helps manage safety incidents around the workplace by providing your organization with an auditable safety process.

Software Development Workflow – The Software Development workflow helps you manage the development and testing of software by breaking down the process into separate tasks.

Asset Management Workflow – The Asset Management Workflow allows you to keep track of selected assets and their availability, including whether they’re in maintenance or not.

Expenses Workflow – The Expenses workflow helps you capture and process all work related expense claims.

Service or Trades Workflow – This workflow enables your Service or Trades based company to manage any business tasks, from submitting a proposal or quote through to ensuring that the invoices get processed.

Sales Workflow – The Sales workflow lets you manage the complete sales process, from prospective customer through to closing the deal.

Start here with a free teamfocus account today for up to 3 users.