Jump Start Program

The teamfocus Jump Start Program

The Jump Start Program consists of a one-hour session with one of our consultants to assess and build your optimal Workflow structure for your business.
We take the time to clearly map-out in real-time, your requirements as we build your custom teamfocus Workflow.
By choosing the Jump Start Program you can be sure you’ll be up and running with the optimal Workflow.

The program consists of the following services:
  • Assess primary needs as to how best your teamfocus Workflow can assist your business.
  • Set-up and configure teamfocus to match your business processes.
  • Set-up of custom Workflow Step and Fields.
  • Provide an over-view of how to use the Notifications feature, to always keep you up-to-date without the constant need to check in.
Program Outline:
  • Delivered in a one hour session.
  • The session will be held with who-ever will be the Administrator of the team.
  • The teamfocus consultant will configure your custom Workflow so you can start using teamfocus immediately.
  • You can purchase additional consultancy sessions, with the option of online staff training if required. (Additional Sessions are $200 per hour)
Register Your Interest

To register for this offer, please complete this contact form and we will be in touch to organize the best time to schedule the session and take you through the sign-up process. If you are already a teamfocus customer please also include your teamfocus team name.

To start to get some ideas about how teamfocus can help your business, click here to see all the pre-defined teamfocus Workflows you can choose from.

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