Managing Remote Workers

Easily Manage Your Remote Workers

As companies continue to embrace the growing trend of having more employees work remotely, the need to be able to effectively manage this new team structure is more important than ever.

The good news is that teamfocus was built with remote work management at its core.

teamfocus supports the three key principles of successful remote work management, which are;

  • Communication – In combination with daily contact, video if possible, the real-time status updates on tasks helps to keep everyone up-to-date on all tasks for the team.
  • Efficiency – By using teamfocus Workflows to manage your team’s tasks you can always make sure that your remote workers are working on the most important task. This helps ensure a steady flow of prioritized tasks so you and your team know what they should be working on at all times.
  • Accountability – teamfocus enables all team members to see how everyone is progressing through their tasks. This combined with a full history of all work completed, provides both the remote worker, their team and manager with a record of all work processed.

We offer remote worker management features such as;

  • Real-time updating to drive remote team meetings (you can use it as the team meeting agenda as well as a record of issues and achievements).
  • Notifications so you will know when each team member completes a task.
  • Metrics so you stay focused on the most important task for your team.

How to get started

You can try teamfocus for free for up to 3 users. To get up and running quickly choose from one of our many pre-defined Workflows and customize it as needed.