Filters – Creating and Grouping

Filters are based on the teamfocus search function and provide you with different ways to see your data.

Filters are essentially saved searches that you create, either for your own favorites or to share with the whole team, and they’re one of the most powerful features of teamfocus.

Once you’re signed into into teamfocus, click on the “Show my Filters” icon in the top left hand corner. This will then display a list of your Filters that are defined for your Team.

Favorite Filters

The “Favorites Filters” displays Filters that that are important to you, and those that have the group icon clicked (high-lighted in blue) will also be shared with your Team.

If you would like to unshare a Filter with your Team, just click the group icon to make it white.

Your Team leader may have already made your Filters, or you may be using the default Filters teamfocus provided when your Team was created.

Each Filter also displays the number of matching Tasks on the Click on the Filter name  for example “Active Tasks” to display all tasks that result from that particular search.

Note: See the article on searching if you’d like more details on the searching syntax, and the many things you can do with it.