Safety Management System Workflow

Safety Workflow

Easy legal compliance for workplace safety

Most companies are required by law to have a safety management system in place. A system where you can register safety issues or near misses, and make sure they can be tracked and reported on easily.

teamfocus makes this easy by giving you a free safety management system workflow for your team.You can also add file attachments and any other type of information you need.

With our Filters feature, you can easily manage and report on all of your workplace safety issues.

Using teamfocus to manage the safety register at work, means you can focus on what’s important.

Easy reporting

teamfocus Metrics will show you how long issues have been sitting at a particular step in your workflow and give you great feedback in monitoring and managing workplace safety issues.

This is probably the simplest, most flexible occupational health and safety register system you will ever use.

Key Features
  • Metrics can be changed on any step to match your requirements.
  • Fields can be customized to tailor the Workflow to your business. For example, you can store a description, or a worker can upload a picture that helps identify a problem.
  • Filters let you quickly search through all your data.

Just select the “Safety Workflow” when you start with your free team.