Reduce Compliance Costs

Reduce your cost of compliance for increased productivity.

There has been a growing trend over the past 15 years of increased compliance measures being placed on companies and organizations, this has resulted in increasing costs and a decrease in productivity as organizations are forced to redirect resources to compliance related tasks.

The resulting decrease in productivity has been compounded, as the expected savings from automating back-office tasks has been consumed by the new increasing cost of compliance.

teamfocus can help your organization significantly reduce the cost of compliance by the following ways;

  • You can build compliance requirements directly into your workflow to automate them.

e.g. require a task to pass through a Quality Assurance step, or require the attachment of a digital approval (photo or signature) before a task can proceed.

  • Having the right person, do the right task, at the right time.

Streamling the flow of work through your organization will quickly and significantly improve your productivity.

  • teamfocus has a complete, uneditable history of all tasks and actions performed.

Having quick access to this level of detailed information greatly reduces the time required in preparing compliance reports.

  • Continual Improvement Process (CIP)

CIP is built into the core of teamfocus – this is facilitated by having a real-time dashboard of how your tasks are flowing through your workflow, thereby allowing you to identify bottlenecks for targeted process improvment.

How to get started

If you would like more information on how teamfocus can help your organization reduce its compliance cost and free up resources to focus on productivity, please contact us at

You can also start using teamfocus for free, for up to 3 users. To get up and running quickly, choose from one of our many pre-defined workflows and customize it as needed.