We are very excited to announce that teamfocus now supports metrics based on your dates on tasks.

Metrics were previously based only on how long a task had been sitting at a step in the workflow, or how long since the task was changed. While this was a great way to tell you where your bottlenecks were, it didn’t help if some of your tasks were not due to move steps yet.

teamfocus now allows you, when setting up metrics on a step in the workflow editor, to be able to choose any of your date fields to set metrics on. This way, the color of a task will depend on how close the date is.

Let’s say for example you have a due date field in your workflow. You might want a task to be green until its a week away from being due and red 1 day before. This is now achieved with a simple change to the step metrics.

As always, the existing functions are still there and you can have different metrics on each step.

This is another of the features that have been developed directly based on user feedback so please be sure to send us any ideas you may have by using the feedback link inside the teamfocus application.

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