Even if you have the best processes and smoothest workflows, your company will struggle if you hire someone who is a bad fit. This can frustrate your current employees and slow down project performance as a whole.

Getting the fit right is the real value that recruiters deliver.

The best recruiters are able to evaluate a company’s culture — and even a particular department’s culture — to suggest candidates who would perform well in that environment. When done well, both company and new employee will enjoy several years working together.

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate to have talented people and the top recruiters to find them. If you’re looking to change jobs or find an employee to fill a project management role, here are 24 recruiters who can make your search easier.

Matthew Bown

Matthew Bown is an executive recruiter at Ethos BeathChapman in Sydney, where he’s worked for the past 10 years. Bown specializes in business transformation and change management, specifically within the banking and financial services industries. Ethos BeathChapman is known for executive recruitment, making it an ideal company to work with for finding high-level placements.

Ken Boots

With more than 10 years in the recruitment industry, Ken Boots has an impressive track record. He boasts a 94 percent success rate with recruits with 85 percent retained after three years. He specializes in federal and state government positions, executive sales recruitment, and hard-to-fill technical roles.

Terry Lawson

Terry Lawson is a senior IT recruiter for both contract and permanent positions. He specializes in software and infrastructure staff, including infrastructure managers, IT project teams and business analysts. His deep knowledge of IT processes helps him find and vet top candidates.

Rochelle Taylor

Rochelle Taylor is a senior IT recruiter based in Sydney. She has more than 19 years of experience and works to fill junior and senior positions within IT departments. She works to keep an eye on the overall technology market in Australia, not just her clients, so she can anticipate changes and future trends.

Jane Pingo

Jane Pingo, based in Melbourne, has more than 25 years of experience recruiting for top companies in the area. Her specialties include change management, leadership development and succession planning. Pingo is an associate member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), which works to help people make informed career decisions.

Kristy Coulter

As a senior recruiter for Hudson Global Resources since 2004, Kristy Coulter works closely to fill vacancies in the ICT industry. She mostly works with business analysts, project managers and organizational change managers. He network stretches across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.


Kathy Santamaria

While Kathy Santamaria has three years of technical recruitment experience, she has also worked as a project manager and is familiar with the demands of the field. She primarily works to fill positions for IT administrators and software engineers. She’s based in Sydney.

Grant Lynn

Grant Lynn has more than 10 years of experience in the Sydney IT industry and currently works with Thornhill Recruitment. Thornhill specializes in recruitment for project management, business analysis, support and development positions. He works to fill both contract and permanent positions.

Sumeet Kaur

Also based in Sydney, Sumeet Kaur is a recruitment specialist in project management and business analysis. She is a candidate manager for Greythorn Australia, a firm that has specialized in IT placement and recruiting for the past 30 years.

John Watt

John Watt has worked at About Recruitment for almost 11 years and specifically works with IT and management recruitment. He and his colleagues work with the finance, engineering, legal and insurance industries to fill technical positions. Previously, he worked as a marketing manager at Microsoft and as a business development manager at Exact Software.  

Michelle Cheong

Living in Brisbane, Michelle Cheong has been working to showcase and improve her recruitment skills since 2012. She currently works at Humanised Group (formally known as Just People) to pair business developers, account managers and partner managers with employers. She is also involved in the local WiT (Women in Technology) chapter.


Jareth Oades-Gularte

Jareth Oades-Gularte, who also works at the Humanised Group in Brisbane, has worked in recruiting since 2010. He has since grown his experience and now scouts the top five percent of talent in the area to fill top technology positions. One of his goals to grow professionally in 2017 includes working with help desk managers and systems/DevOps engineers to increase their networking opportunities.  

Chris Garibaldi

Chris Garibaldi is the director of GRIT Talent Consulting in Brisbane, a technology recruitment boutique that boasts personal communication and service. While he is new to GRIT, Garibaldi has several years of recruiting experience and has built a large network across southeast Queensland.

Michael Cant

As a recruiter and director at Binary People, Michael Cant works closely with the Brisbane tech sector. He’s passionate about the startup revolution hitting Australia and loves working with companies to find the right fit to continue growing or sustaining their business within the community.

Raphaël Laffitte

Located in Sydney, Raphaël Laffitte is a technical recruiter at Just Digital People who recently moved to the area from Paris. His recruitment specialty is software engineering along with DevOps, deployment leads and architecture professionals. He works closely with the digital industry to find the right fit for his clients.

Joel Stein

Joel Stein is the team manager and principal recruiter at Precision Sourcing in Sydney. He and his group specialize in finding candidates to fill business intelligence, digital and project management roles. He considers himself a specialist in the analytics market in Australia and can comfortably fill technical and complex positions.

Max Kelly

Max Kelly is an audit, risk and compliance recruiter at T+O+M Executive in Sydney. T+O+M works closely to fill project and change management roles, accounting positions, and strategy roles. Kelly has worked there for four years and has nine years of professional experience in total.

Garry Wylie

For the past six years, Garry Wylie has worked at Wise Recruitment in Sydney, even though he has worked with clients and companies on a national level. He identifies the best people for highly technical roles and moves quickly to bring them in for interviews. The goal is to reduce the time companies have in an empty position so they can increase their productivity.


Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper has worked with KBR, Inc. for a little more than a year, but he has several years of experience as a consultant, business development manager and recruiter. KBR, Inc. works to fill employees in engineering and project staff with an emphasis on technology, engineering and government services.

Sarah Goldberg

Sarah Goldberg is an executive director and senior IT recruiter at Allegro Recruitment Consulting in Melbourne. She has worked with the company for more than 10 years to fill infrastructure and application roles including project management, team leaderships and network integration. Allegro is an international recruiting company with offices in the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison has multiple years of experience in the global recruiting market. He has also worked as a business development manager with multiple software companies to find people to lead design and development projects. This gives him a tech speciality with business acumen. He works at Firebrand Talent and lives in Melbourne.  

Rob Staples

Rob Staples is a senior account manager at First Advantage, and also has experience as a recruitment consultant for business transformation and change management at Ethos BeathChapman. He has a decade of experience in the recruiting field and has a passion for working closely with businesses to understand their goals and needs.

Carrie Fitzpatrick

Carrie Fitzpatrick also works at Ethos BeathChapman to find project managers, technical architect, and systems analysts. She lives in Sydney and has worked with the company for eight years. She specializes in interim management and executive contracting for companies that need temporary replacements.

Luda Collins

Luda Collins is originally from Ukraine and has lived in Sydney for a little more than two years. She has more than six years of recruiting experience and has a passion for the tech sector. She loves working with smart people to find a role they’re passionate about so they’re excited to go to work every day.

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