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What are Notifications?

The Notifications feature in teamfocus helps you keep on top of your important tasks by allowing you to choose to be notified, by email, whenever a task is added, edited or leaves your Filter (saved search).

Using Notifications allows you to;

  • Keep track of when a new tasks is added to your Filter
  • Be notified when a task becomes overdue and needs attention
  • Be notified when a task is edited or modified on a Filter you are following

While Notifications are easy to use, they can also be an extremely powerful tool in helping you manage your workload across many teams.

Any Filter you can create, you can subscribe to. This means that you can create custom Filters that provide you with an indicator of your Teams performance, and when combined with Notifications, can help you monitor and manage the flow of tasks through your Workflows.

Here are a just a few examples of the types of Filters you can create and subscribe to.

Time based Filters

  • Set-up and subscribe to a time based Filter to be notified when a Task falls due tomorrow, or has been completed in the past week, or be notified with a daily summary of any and all changes to tasks within your teams.

Step based Filters

  • Step based Filters could include being notified when a Task is waiting to be invoiced or a Task is waiting for Managerial approval before progressing. You can also be notified when a new order is received or is waiting to be posted.

Metrics based Filters

  • By combining the teamfocus Metrics feature into your Filters, you can be notified when a Task moves from a Green (normal operating parameters) to Amber (outside the established time period). You can also create and subscribe to a Filter that notifies you when a Task moves from Amber to Red, thereby identifying those Tasks that require immediate attention.

How to use Notifications.

You can start using Notifications straight away, just subscribe to an existing Filter, or alternatively, create and subscribe to a new Filter from the ideas above.

To subscribe to a Filter just click the “Bell” icon on the Filter you want to subscribe to. You will then be given a choice of three actions to select from;

  • New Tasks
  • Tasks removed
  • Tasks that have changed

Just select the actions you which to be notified of, and you’re done.

To unsubscribe yourself from the Filter, just click the Bell icon again and deselect the highlighted actions.

This example shows the Bell icon for subscribing to the Content Ideas Filter.

subscribe to Notifications

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