teamwork relies on good communication. One of the benefits of teamfocus is keeping people on track in a meeting or while in a phone conference. Its great when you are all discussing a list of tasks and can work through things quickly.

Sometimes however, teams don’t have regular meetings or phone conferences but still need a way to stay in touch. So we have addressed better communications right in the product.

We now have a comments system on every task. It can be used for things like status updates on tasks, or even real-time chatting between colleagues working on the same task.

Simply click on the comments icon on the left hand side of each task to open the comments tab of the task and start commenting.

Of course, all comments are searchable, you can even use the special “has:comments” or “has:newcomments” to find tasks either with comments or just new comments respectively.

While we were there, we also added a quick move icon (the arrow) to every task so its easy to move it to the next step.

We have lots of new things coming to teamfocus shortly but its really the feedback we receive from people using the product that helps us decide what to work on next. Please keep the feedback coming in.

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