As more companies embrace collaboration and assign teamwork, more people are trying to learn new ways to get along with their co-workers.

This isn’t just about personality: Teamwork requires time management, leadership, organization, and outlets for stress. Even the best teams can struggle to finish a project to completion when they’re easily distracted.

To prevent this, here are 50 amazing influencers on Twitter. Turn to some for time management help, and reach out to others about becoming a better leader. Most of all, click the follow button for all of them. There’s a lot of wisdom in the list.

For Time Management

Julie Morgenstern@JulieMorgenstrn

Morgenstern is a time-management expert, and emphasizes the importance of planning and organizing projects before they launch. Follow her for tidbits of advice and links to other industry leaders.

Mark Walsh@warkmalsh

An embodied training manager, Walsh focuses on reducing stress in the workplace through better time management skills. If you’re lucky, he will also share photos about cats.

Laura Vanderkam@lvanderkam

Vanderkam is the author of I Know How She Does It, which discusses how successful women make the most of their time. She’s a pro when it comes to organization and building a day around getting work done.

Craig Jarrow@TMNinja

There aren’t many time management ninjas in the world, but Jarrow is one of them. His goal is to win the battle against wasted time and organizational clutter.

Erik Fisher@ErikJFisher

Meet the Productivity Podcaster at Fisher is a firm believer that multitasking means ignoring two things at once, and provides advice on time management for optimal teamwork.

Peter Taylor@thelazypm

Taylor has built his career on being lazy, and he is the author of Productive Laziness and The Lazy Project Manager. Follow him to see where he’s speaking, and collect insight on management, blogging and daily office life.

For Business Strategy

Vijay Govindarajan@vgovindarajan

A professor of international business at Dartmouth, and author of the Three Box Solution, Govindarajan challenges teams to look beyond today’s problems and form strategies to solve tomorrow’s.

Rita Gunther McGrath @rgmcgrath

McGrath is a Columbia Business School professor, and a strategy and innovation expert. She shares interesting personal stories and thought pieces with her followers — along with the occasional cheeky business observation.

Erika Flora@erikaflora

This self-described problem solver and recovering introvert tweets about getting things done in the workplace, plus she gives glimpses into her own daily life.


For Project Management

Jim Highsmith@jimhighsmith

Highsmith is an executive consultant with ThoughtWorks, Inc. and has 30 years of project management experience in the IT field. He understands that the modern workforce is changing, and collaboration requires strong systems and communication in place.

Robert Kelly@rkelly976

As co-founder and host of #PMChat, Kelly is all over making projects run smoother and helping businesses complete projects more efficiently. Follow him for advice, articles and a little humor along the way.

Elizabeth Harrin@pm4girls

Harrin runs The Girls Guide to Project Management and focuses on workplace trends and new tools for better collaboration. Her slogan says it all, “Because Teams Get Work Done.”

Cornelius Fichtner@corneliusficht

This self-proclaimed gummy bear addict also has an interest in project management. He varies his podcasts for different levels, so newbies and experts can learn how to lead.

Mike Morrison @RapidBI

Morrison is the name behind RapidBI, and is an expert in performance and project management. He tweets a steady stream of advice from providing feedback to co-workers to gamification of the workplace.

For Leadership

Bob Sutton@work_matters

Author of Scaling Up Excellence, How to Do More With Less, Sutton advises managers on how to lead without getting in the way, and offers advice for employees trying to work despite their boss.

Damon Edwards@damonedwards

Passionate about development and operations, Edwards provides insight into the world of simplifying workflow and creating better processes within your teams.

Joan Henshaw@joanhenshaw

Henshaw is the author and presenter of 10 Minute Management Toolkit. Her tweets cover the pros and cons of praising and criticizing employees, the value of performance reviews and crossing cultural barriers.

Susanne Madsen@SusanneMadsen

As a project leadership coach, Madsen understands the human side of the workplace. She highlights ways to reduce workplace stress and develop leadership tools to step up under pressure.

Shawn Murphy@TheShawnMurphy

Murphy is known as a “leadership rebel” and believes businesses succeed when they focus on developing employees and letting them have more of a say. Most of his tweets reflect ways to achieve this.

Stacy Donovan Zapar@StacyZapar

Your company culture can invite new and unique employees to join your team, or isolate them and drive the best people away. Zapar is here to make sure you avoid the latter.


For Motivating Teams

Teresa Amabile@TeresaAmabile

Amabile is the director of research at Harvard Business School, and often tweets about the fun side of motivating teams: Why should you make your processes more creative? How can you best motivate employees?

Susan McPherson@susanmcp1

McPherson is a force to be reckoned with in business, but adds a humanitarian side to her Twitter account with her passion for refugees and philanthropy.

Pawel Brodzinski@pawelbrodzinski

Follow Brodzinski and tuck into his blog. He writes incredibly detailed posts offering advice to teams about office hierarchy, motivation and workflow visualization.

Jon Ingham@joningham

Ingham uses his HR background to discuss ways to improve processes, invest in employee education and make the culture healthier.

Ben Baran@BenBaran

Baran is particularly interested in organizational behavior and how the people we hire influence the success of a business. His tweets focus on thought leaders and strategy, with a little Star Wars in between.

Paul Hebert @IncentIntel

Follow the man behind The “Paul” Cast as he dives into management and what incentivizes employees in the workplace.

Heidi Grant Halvorson@hghalvorson

Psychology and business are meticulously intertwined, and Grant Halvorson uses her insight to explain why we fail at collaboration, and the psychology behind a creative workplace.

For Productivity

Mike Vardy@mikevardy

Founder of Productivityist, Vardy looks for ways to increase productivity by approaching work practically and with end goals in mind. His Twitter account shares articles and podcasts from other influencers, as well as his own ideas.

Jenny Blake @jenny_blake

Living a productive life is good, but living a happy life is better. Blake offers advice for people who want a balanced life without sacrificing their own joy.

Allyson Lewis @allyson7minutes

Lewis is the brains behind The 7 Minute Life, which focuses on reconnecting with priorities and tossing what’s not productive. Follow her to learn more, and get to know her service dog, Big Jake Cotton.

For Collaboration in Small Business

Gwendolyn F Turner@GwenFTurner

Turner has the brains of big companies with a heart for small businesses. She provides advice on turning a small ideas into a huge results — and getting noticed along the way.

Barry Moltz@barrymoltz

Author of five books, Moltz is known as “The Unstuck Guy,” and offers advice for businesses that seem to be in a rut. His Twitter feed is full of productivity advice and stories about companies breaking the rules to succeed.

Eric Knopf@ericknopf

Co-founder of Webconnex, Knopf talks about empathy in the workplace, productivity hacks and miscellaneous stories that he finds interesting.

Misty Young @Restaurant_Lady

Young specializes in providing advice to independent restaurant owners, but a lot of her messages can transfer to your team. She finds ways to grow your projects and get noticed!

Denise O’Berry@deniseoberry

O’Berry has a passion for the small business owner working with clients or a small team that gets everything done. Follow her for support, advice and motivation.


For Women Leading and Thriving in the Workplace

Lynda Gratton@lyndagratton

What does working life mean for women in their 50s? How can older generations thrive in work environments dominated by kids? Gratton explores patterns in longevity and what it means for careers in her upcoming book The 100-Year Life.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett@SAHewlett

Hewlett is the founder of the Center for Talent Innovation, a taskforce of 75-plus global companies working to reduce discrimination based on “gender, generation, and geography.” Her book, Executive Presence, asks readers to evaluate themselves and look for missing links that hold them back from the C-Suite.

Herminia Ibarra@HerminiaIbarra

Follow Ibarra go learn about leadership beyond office walls. She regularly tweets about leadership, but also adds color by talking about professional women in society and political events from a collaboration perspective.

Jen Dziura@GetBullish

Described as “aggressive lady-advice,” Get Bullish by Dziura talks about entrepreneurship, gender politics in the workplace and making sure you’re heard without isolating the rest of the team.  

Holly Reisem Hanna@Holly_Hanna

Follow Hanna for advice from a woman in charge! She covers options for small businesses and collaboration for teams that work from home. Also check out her blog, The Work from Home Woman.

For New Hires Collaborating with Seasoned Pros

Lindsey Pollak@lindseypollak

Pollak speaks directly to young professionals and offers advice on navigating office politics, knowing your audience, and turning collaboration into opportunities for leadership.

Dorie Clark @dorieclark

Author of Stand Out & Reinventing You, Clark tweets advice for young people looking to establish themselves in the workplace. Entry-level employees tend to take a back seat, even if they have stellar ideas. Feel free to tweet Clark with questions; he’s very engaged with his audience.

For Honing Your Business Skills

Danny Rubin@DannyHRubin

While Rubin’s account leans toward job search advice, he also covers company culture, work-life balance and getting along with challenging co-workers. His book, Wait, How Do I Write This Email? can help anyone who has stared at a blank screen trying to communicate in the best way possible.

Amanda Littlejohn@amandamogul

Littlejohn works on building your personal brand, whether you’re looking to launch your own business, or just want to feel heard and respected in the workplace.

Fiona Talbot@wordpowerskills

Business writing is one of the most underappreciated skills in the workplace, but Talbot shows that conducting your writing professionally can have a dramatic impact on projects and team perception.

For Mentorship and Inspiration

Rachel Feintzeig@RachelFeintzeig

Feintzeig is a management reporter for the Wall Street Journal. On top of sharing her insight, she tweets about niche industries and how their organizational structures have to adapt to the changing economy.

Alexandra W. Wilson@AWilkisWilson

Follow the co-founder of GLAMSQUAD to remember that women can do it all! When she can, she shares her keynotes speeches and is very responsive on Twitter. Ask her a question if you’re struggling.

Natalia Oberti Noguera@nakisnakis

Oberti Noguera is the founder and CEO of Pipeline Angels, a company that works to increase the number of female and minority investors in today’s scene. Follow her for inspiration and advice for women in the workplace.

Amilya Antonetti@amilya

Antonetti jetsets from TV studios to radio stations talking business, and is one of the top turnaround experts in Twitter. You will learn a lot from her, and you’ll get caught up in her bubbly personality.

Erica Douglass@ericabiz

She sold her online business at age 26 for over $1 million and then founded Recently, she’s taken a stance against perfectionism, and how that habit can slow a project down and damage your business.


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