You can now integrate your Calendar with your teamfocus account

Now it’s easy to create tasks directly from your calendar. To help make scheduling easy we now support the integration of your iCalendar applications into your teamfocus account.

By linking teamfocus with an iCalendar, you can automatically create tasks as each event occurs. Services like Google calendars for Gmail and IBM’s Lotus Notes support sharing calendars with iCalendar.

This allows for the easy creation of recurring events for tasks such as regular maintenance events or meetings. As each event is due, teamfocus will automatically create a task in teamfocus.

You can use the edit button after a calendar is linked to further control the Workflow and Step used for the new tasks.

How to link your iCalendar to teamfocus
– To link your iCalendar to your teamfocus account, go to the settings icon in teamfocus, then go to Connections => Calendars, and select the “Add A New Calendar Connection” button.

Benefits of Calendar linking
– Automatically create tasks as each event occurs in you calendar.
– Capture reoccurring calendar events in your teamfocus account for a complete record of tasks achieved

If you have any questions or would like assistance using the calendar integration feature, just email us at

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